The automotiveHMI Project

The automotiveHMI Project

The German producer and component supplying industry in the sector of car manufacturing is the leading one in the world. The important innovations you find in the area of the so-called Hidden Technologies, like e.g., systems of driver assistance, communication and infotainment as well as new drive concepts. In order to guarantee the acceptance, Human-Machine-Interfaces (HMI), which fulfil the demands of the users with regard to the operability, are necessary.

The project automotiveHMI aims to improve the process of the development of Human-Machine-Interfaces in the automobile sector. An integrating approach based on standardized languages, models and interfaces leads to an improvement of efficiency for all companies involved from car manufacturers and component suppliers to the producers of the used tools. The description based on abstract models also enables the convergence of new, multi-media and multimodal forms of interaction in completely new operating systems. The resulting innovative operating systems give the German automotive industry an additional technical advantage.



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